Class is cancelled 11/23. Please continue to work on your last deliverables. I had hoped to be there as mentioned in class, but I am sick.

Just as a clarification for those who weren't working on their projects in class. The scope of your class, sequence, and communication diagrams should be design level, rather than problem domain.

Weeks 10 and 11 will be split in half, providing for one day of lecture (Wed.) and one day of group project meetings (Mon.)


An Object Oriented Analysis and Design course provides practical guidance on the construction of object-oriented systems. Specifically, you will gain a solid footing in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and a mastery of object oriented anlysis and design. We will also cover the Unified Modeling Language (UML) in depth, and current software engineering practices.


Week Topic Assignment

Week 1:

(Aug. 22)

Ch. 1 Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design Group Survey
Individual Homework #1

Week 2:

(Aug. 29)

Ch. 2 Project Initiation Project Outline
Individual Homework #2

Week 3:

(Sep. 5)

Ch. 3 Project Management Individual Homework #3

Week 4:

(Sep. 12)

Ch. 4 Requirements Determination Individual Homework #4

Week 5:

(Sep. 19)

Group Project Meetings Milestone #1

Week 6:

(Sep. 26)

Ch. 5 Functional Modeling Individual Homework #6

Week 7:

(Oct. 3)

Group Project Meetings Milestone #2

Week 8:

(Oct. 10)

Ch. 6 Structural Modeling Individual Homework #7

Week 9:

(Oct. 17)

Ch. 7 Behavioral Modeling Individual Homework #8

Week 10:

(Oct. 24)

Group Proj. Meetings (Mon.)
Ch. 8 Moving on to Design Part 1 (Wed.)
Individual Homework #9

Week 11:

(Oct. 31)

Group Project Meetings (Mon.)
Ch. 8 Moving on to Design Part 2 (Wed.)
Milestone #3

Week 12:

(Nov. 7)

Ch. 10 Data Management Layer Design None

Week 13:

(Nov. 14)

Ch. 11 Human-Computer Interaction Layer Design None

Week 14:

(Nov. 21)

Group Project Meetings Milestone #4

Week 15:

(Nov. 28)

Group Presentations Final Project Deliverables

Week 16:

(Dec. 5)

Finals Week None